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Bolos à Medida

At Bolos à Medida you can have training in cake design and find all kinds of home baking supplies and ingredients to bake and decorate your cakes. You can also buy your own customized cake.

Our cakes are made using ingredients which are carefully selected and prepared according to traditional methods so that exceptional quality and full satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have all kinds of cakes, miniature cakes, artistic cakes, biscuits, jelly candy, bonbons, and the traditional pastry of our home town. 

Our store

Training in Cake Design

At Bolos à Medida we provide training in different areas, namely: preparation of dough and filling, baking and decoration of cupcakes, biscuits and cakepops; distinct techniques of cake decoration; chocolate; among many others.

We also have the internationally renowned Wilton Courses.


I got the product on time and it matched all my expectations. Thanks!

Scott P. (UK)

My wife just received her order. Customer service was fast and friendly. Thank you!

Mike and Susan Ford (USA)


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